To animate a content layer in timeline mode, first you have to set the keyframes in the timeline panel as you have moved the current-time indicator to a different frame or time and after that, you can modify the opacity, style, or position of the layer content.

You can make a timeline on Photoshop where it automatically modifies or adds a series of frames in between the existing two frames and the new frames evenly to create the appearance of transformation or movement. There are many ways to create timeline animation with Photoshop.

Steps to create a timeline based animation

First, you have to create a new document by specifying the background contents and size of the document. Make sure that the dimensions and the pixel aspect ratio are appropriate for your animation output. Also, make sure that the timeline panel is open, choose the create video timeline option from the menu. You have to convert the timeline panel to the video timeline icon, if it is in frame animation mode.

The next step is you have to specify the rate of timeline frame and the duration in the panel menu. If you want to animate the background layers then you have to convert it to the normal layer as the background layers cannot be animated and then a content to the layer and also you can add a layer which optional for you which is used to reveal the layer’s content potions, where you can also animate this layer mask in order to reveal the layer’s content in different portions over time.

You have to turn on the keyframe for the layer property then click the stopwatch to create the first keyframe then you have to shift the current-time indicator to the frame at a time where you can change the layer’s property. You can add some additional layers if you want and if needed you can edit their layer properties. You have to open a multilayer animation for working with many different layers at a time.

Options available in saving the animation

After you make a timeline on Photoshop, before saving it you use the preview option of the animation you created so that you can make changes before saving the animation. At last, you have to save the animation you created which is in GIF format and also you can save them in PSD format by importing them using Adobe after effects.